Megapolis Cheats 2013

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Megapolis cheats

Do you like to build your own city and manage it with a stable economy? Then Megapolis is the perfect game that is available to you. Managing your own city can be considered as a tough thing to do. Now you can get that experience from this mobile game. It is specifically designed to provide a great strategy game experience to you. This can also be considered as one of the most popular games that hit the social media platform within the past few months.

Megapolis cheatsIn Megapolis, the players have to build a city by putting together a massive metro system. The features of this game are realistic and it has played an important role behind its popularity. Therefore, it can also be considered as the ultimate mobile city SIM that anyone should play to master. If you are looking for a convenient method to master the game, you should know all Megapolis cheats. This article will provide all of the best cheats for Megapolis, which you can use to keep your city alive with less hassle.

The creators of Megapolis have provided enough freedom for you to build the city. However, you need to use your knowledge and place everything strategically. This can save a lot of resources, which will help you in the future. If you are planning to transform a town into a city, you should not build a massive bridge and get the attraction of visitors. You need to have enough residential buildings and other infrastructure facilities to invite others. When you build more and more houses in the city, the population will also rise automatically. However, you need to click on the icon that indicate population over the house to control the population in a convenient way.

All the players of Megapolis should place productive buildings instead of the decorative features. When you build more electricity and water plants, your population cap will also rise. It is recommended by experts to complete all the mini missions in the initial ages. You can get some extra perks out of them. You need to use your common sense and establish a proper stability in the city by placing tax offices, town halls, special offices etc. You should also pay your attention towards the nature because your city in Megapolis should be an environmental friendly one. You can get the assistance of energy efficient buildings to achieve it.

All the Megapolis players must have money in order to run the town. To get money, you need to tax the population and complete the provided tasks. You should have a pocket full of cash at every time to avoid hassle in the game. You can get money with Megapolis cheats. If you don’t have a proper plan, you can look at other people’s cities. You can always keep several opened tabs of the cities of your friends for reference purposes. The effectiveness of all these tricks are proven and any Megapolis player can try them without any hesitation.